Brick repointing, tuck pointing, and lime mortar pointing services in Loughton

Here at Blake Pointing, we are your local specialists when it comes to brick repointing, tuck pointing, and lime mortar pointing. We have been repointing brickwork in and around Loughton for the last half a century, and have no intention of slowing down now. Established in 1969 and trading continuously since then, no otherpointing company in the South East can hope to match us for the quality of our service, or the professionalism of our staff.

What we can do for you

Whatever you need when it comes to repointing brickwork, make Blake Pointing your sole port of call. Here are some of our more popular services…

damaged mortar repaired by repointing

Brick repointing

Pointing is the name builders give to whatever material is joining a building’s bricks together – usually some sort of cement or mortar. Being less robust than the brickwork itself, this pointing can get worn away over time by exposure to the elements, leading to cracks, holes, and other damage. Once this happens, you risk unwanted ingress of water to the property itself, and even damage to the structural integrity of the building. When our team is repointing brickwork for you, what we’re really doing is repairing or replacing that damaged or deteriorated mortar.

Tuck pointing

Tuck pointing is another way of repointing brickwork that utilises a pair of different-coloured mortars between each layer of bricks. While the difference is largely aesthetic (tuck pointing gives the impression that the wall is supported by very slim layers of mortar, as the outer layers are coloured to match the brickwork), the job requires a steady hand, years of experience in repointing brickwork, and a set of specialist tuck pointing irons – all of which we can deliver!

brick pointing to listed building

Lime mortar pointing

When it comes to pointing, most modern buildings make us of  cement. Older buildings, on the other hand, where much more likely to utilise lime more. Repointing brickwork on these historic buildings requires the use of lime mortar, as modern pointing materials contain chemicals that could be potentially damaging to the original stone and brickwork.

Other services

We don’t just deal with repointing brickwork and repairing tuck pointing and lime mortar pointing. With our tools and our skillset, we can also clean up dirty and damaged brickwork, as well as repointing your patio or paving driveway.

Why choose Blake Pointing?

There are so many reasons that our Loughton clients choose Blake Pointing for their brick repointing. Here are some of the more common ones, according to our customer feedback.

Your local brick repointing experts

Working out of our Romford office, our team of experts covers a 25-mile radius around the down, taking a large part of the South East, including our customers in Wanstead, East London and, of course, Loughton.

Over 100 years of experience

We have been in business in the Loughton area for fifty years, but our team of highly-trained and experienced pointers have been involved in the industry for more than twice as long between them. That is a level of expertise that competing repointing companies can only hope for.

Get in touch

For the very best in brick repointing across Loughton, call Blake Pointing today on 01708 344 855, 07958 761 226 or 07960 553 761 for your free, no-obligation quote.

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Copyright © 2018. Blake pointing.  All Right Reserved