Brick repointing, tuck pointing, and lime mortar pointing services in East London and Wanstead

Welcome to Blake Pointing, the foremost provider of brick repointing, tuck pointing, and lime mortar pointing in the South East of England.


We have been continuously trading since 1969 and in the last fifty years we have delivered high quality brick repointing services to thousands of satisfied customers in East London, Wanstead, and beyond.

What we can do for you

As your local specialists in repointing brickwork, Blake Pointing offers an extensive range of services, from brickwork cleaning and repair to lime mortar pointing. Here are some of our more popular services:

Brick repointing

Repointing brickwork is the core of our business. When the mortar between the bricks of a building gets damaged or worn away, the results can be disastrous. It allows for the ingress of water to a property, and can threaten the structural strength of a building. Our brick repointing specialists can repair or replace damaged mortar, making the wall safe and serviceable again.

Tuck pointing

Tuck pointing is an architectural technique involving the use of two different-coloured mortars. These are applied in a sandwich effect that results in what appears to be a thin line of connecting mortar between the bricks. Special tools, called tuck pointing irons, are required to produce this effect, as well as an expert in repointing brickwork to deliver the necessary level of expertise and precision.

Lime mortar pointing

Modern cement mortar has only been in popular use since the 1930s. Before that, lime mortar pointing was the bonding material of choice. With so many heritage and listed buildings in East London and Wanstead, it is important to make sure that the pointing material matches the original mortar. Our experts in repointing brickwork have the experience and skill necessary to replace lime mortar pointing, maintaining these buildings for future use.

Other services

Beyond repointing brickwork, tuck pointing, and lime mortar pointing, Blake Pointing can also offer to repoint your patio, and repair and clean any damaged or dirty brickwork on your property.

Why choose Blake Pointing?

As specialists at repointing brickwork, Blake Pointing should be you first and only stop for your brick repointing needs. Here are just some of the reasons why:

Your local brick repointing experts

Blake Pointing is based in Romford in Essex, and covers large areas of South East England, including Wanstead and East London.

Over 100 years of experience

Continuously trading since 1969, we are a well-established brick repointing company. With a combined 100 years in repointing brickwork between them, our team brings exceptional experience to every job.

Get in touch

For all your brick repointing needs in Wanstead and East London, call Blake Pointing today on 01708 344 855, 07958 761 226 or 07960 553 761 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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